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Legolas takes part in the Christmas sack hop.


    Legolas takes part in the Christmas sack hop.

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    fuckin right

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  8. Wrote Six Pages for No Reason of Like STRANGE Things.

    Like two sentences on how the Nazis went through like this REALLY quick evolution process.

    Had a page that confronted some christian conspiracies, but it’s main idea was how amazing of a story some of these beliefs were. Not to discredit people’s beliefs, but all I can think to myself was the ridiculously interesting and like genuinely cool stories that come from christian beliefs. 

    Half a page was on a 2012 idea that states a planet the size of Jupiter is on route to collide with the Earth and there was like this picture I saw and its really unbelievable, but the final part of the idea is that NASA and the government have tried to track the planet, but its not visible so the government declares it a myth. The worst part of the conspiracy explains that the reason they cannot see the planet is because it is hidden behind the sun. Writing about this made me really uneasy. To illustrate, the last few sentences of what I wrote was “Apparently there is no way to debunk this theory. I dont have an opinion on this. It is grim. I hate thinking about it. Moving on.” 

    Another half a page was based on another movie-like story or like a really interesting idea for a cool tale. Its about the book of secrets and how some people believe there is this book that contain all the secrets and information that every US president has known and written about. Thinks like the jfk assassination and the whole Roswell, New Mexico thing. Technically National Treasure 2 is about the book of secrets but i’ve never seen, nor do I have any intention on seeing it. Just a really interesting thing to think about.

    The last part of my six page paper was like 2 and a half pages on The Gladiator and a really introspective breakdown of how specific scenes made me feel and think about. Some of it is like really emotional and kinda shows a lot of sensitive moments I shared and a lot of things I come to have pondered during the movie. Basically I described scenes that made me think hard about something, made me really uncomfortable, or hit some emotional chord and I dissect them and explain what the scene made me think or feel. The weirdest part about The Gladiator paper is that I payed close to no attention to the dialog or had nearly no basic knowledge of what was actually going on in the scene. I used a lot of effort in looking at the characters movements and reactions, which is why I think I had such a connection with the movie.

    Either way, long story short, I have this really comprehensive paper about all of the topics listed above that I just wrote and MAYBE I’ll post them here, I’ll think about it. But like I just needed to share somethings I found interesting and things I’ve just never bothered to think about. That’s all, crazy night, good friends, fun times and I really couldn’t be happier. Night.

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  9. Crazy Night

    So, took 60mg of vyvance and sat outside and talked to people for HOURS. Got something to eat, wrote a five page paper, talked to more people, got a garbage bag FILLED with donuts for free, ate that shit, got a white pizza, went back to my room. Ate half the white pizza, 3 friends just bust into my room, chilled, played smash, walked to the art institute, walked back, freestyled the ENTIRE walk with keyen and brandon, got back to the stoop, talked to people. Go upstairs to give these two really fucked up kids the remainder of my donuts, we eat a TON of donuts. Brendon takes the donuts and goes to him room. Tyler asks if i want to smoke, we knock on Brendon’s door, ask him if he wants to take a walk, he obliges, go to the warf, smoke like 3 or 4 bowl packs, chug a beer, go back to the stoop. Decide we are tired, go to my room. Open my door, find my roommate, shirtless, in pajama pants, sipping water out of a bowl, watching the Gladiator. Fucking lost my shit, died of laughter, settle down, find a juice box in my sweatshirt pocket, fucking happiest kid ever, look at the t.v watch epic fucking gladiator fights. #NOWAYTHISCOULDGETBETTER. I thought wrong, fucking half of my white pizza just chillin on my desk. Lost my shit again. Decided to write it on tumblr so i can remember this shit forever. life.

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All are punished.


    All are punished.

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